How Do I Begin?

Senior students and teachers at the dojo take care in working with beginners. We encourage new students to ask us questions. We were beginners once, too. We look forward to guiding you as you take your first steps along the path.

Specials for New Students

  • Basics Sampler - Purchase the Basics Sampler and over the following 8 weeks, attend any 4 Thursday evening and/or Sunday morning Basics classes of your choice. Registration included. Cost: $50
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  • Beginner's Special - A good bargain that gives you access to train in as many classes as you wish for 3 months. PLUS you get a training uniform!. Cost: $260
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  • Introduction to Aikido - 4-class session workshop, offered periodically that provides a high-level overview of Aikido. This class runs once a week for four weeks and is open to adults. Cost: $50